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 Who is Jamesthebikeguy? 

My name is James, and I go by "Jamesthebikeguy". I am a bicycle geek at heart and enjoy the complication of one of the most simple machines in the world, the bicycle. 

I attribute my passion of cycling to the joy that came from riding my bicycle to and from school as a youth. The bicycle gave me the freedom of transportation and the joy of speed. This passion has grown into an obsession with all sorts of bicycles. 

I identify as a "Mountain Biker" but truth be told I ride all sorts of bikes. I ride a road bike, mountain bike, and even my hybrid most days of the week. I enjoy all the small subsets of cycling culture and the geekery that can be focused on the small stuff.

My Youtube channel "Jamesthebikeguy" got started back in 2014 as a place to share actual weights of bicycle parts. Through the years my channel has grown to now feature bicycles, parts, and even project bike builds. 

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