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1x12 SLX Crank - Shimano SLX M7100 Crankset and Chainring Review of Features and Weight

The 12-Speed M7100 Shimano SLX crankset is a lovely unit. With Shimano going 12-speed, they now offer these cranks in a 1x or a 2x configuration. This one we are checking out is the 1x configuration, and it uses a direct mount chainring interface. This is new for Shimano, but it is nice because it works similar to the SRAM direct-mount system. Of course, the Shimano and SRAM direct mounts are not the same, it is still great to have. Past that, we installed the 32t chainring onto this crank, but the narrow-wide chainring is also available in 30t and 34t. Finally, the construction on the new generation SLX FC-M7100-1 cranks now uses a 3D hollow bonded structure to further reduce weight and increase stiffness. Overall quite the crankset for a mid-level groupset.

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