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Project Trifox MFM100


The Trifox MFM100 is a carbon fiber XC mountain bike. It has modern geometry, 100-115mm of rear suspension and will be a neat bike to get to know and build. The focus on this bike will be to build it to be a #DOWNCOUNTRY bike featuring 120mm of front suspension, 110mm rear, wide wheels and a 12speed drivetrain. I look forward to seeing just how this bicycle progresses.

Project Trifox Intro

The new project bike nicely provided by Trifox is going to be a neat addition to the channel. The first true frame up build on Jamesthebikeguy. This bike represents an opportunity to test the old add-age "Pay 3/4 and Get 1/2". Or at least that how it normally works when speccing and building a bike.

Frame Features & Quality

Overall the frame was nicer than I was expecting. The inside of the frame seemed well made and pretty clean. Although there is evidence of the bladder material still inside of the frame and the cable tubing was poorly inserted. I was most surprised at the apparent quality of the suspension pivots and hardware. One thing to consider is while the bike is new now, how and where do you get replacement parts if you need to? So with that in mind I was quite happy to see that this bike had good quality hardware. Finally the weight is quite impressive, with a calculated frame & shock weight of 2,385g.

The Build Kit Spreadsheet

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